What is We’to(h)pi’a(h)? An intro

(note: this is written in this form rather hurriedly, as i’m limited by time constraints on a public computer)

Key ideas

Confrontationally nonviolent-oriented, anti-authoritarian, embracing all organic/self-theory thought in ongoing processes of affirmation and listening and “playing out”. Mixing ancient principles and knowledge with allegedly “new” approaches. All while adhering to “critical self-theory” and escapes from the pitfalls of ideology. (1)

Where dissent is welcome!

An intro

You’ve heard everywhere about Utopia…now imagine WEtopia (we’to(h)pi’a(h)). Basically, this theory is about realizing the value of pivotal affirmations, continual processing, and solidarity of ALL of informal/organic humanity’s voices and truths, no matter at which level of articulation or non-articulation. To be “truly heard” and to facilitate such listening as an ongoing creative process! But not “merely” heard, celebrated, or at least “significantly” spotlighted. With all the hype and fanfare of today’s media and cultural hype, only with a spin oriented to “the” authentic rather than superficial analysis.

Wetopians’ secondary focus, tho well within the main “thrust”, is on putting all manipulation (i.e. all ideology, all propganda) on the proverbial public “table” of ALL’s ongoing, “prime time”, critical scrutiny, in ongoing creative thinking-through and chewings-on of alleged/claimed truths stemming from the challenging reality of our myriad divisions and alienations from each other. That is, some kinds of divisions which tend to become more and more alienated if not “nipped in the bud” before they can turn to aggression and covert and overt warfare.

Systematic critical self-theory and demystification is key to see the above sometimes difficult-to-see HEARTS of alleged problems. Such as unmasking the so-called “elites” and their well-documented attempts at social management/control. Why they do as they do and think as they think will be amongst the topics explored on this blog.

The bottom line

Organizing societies and communities not towards fear and further atomization, but towards puzzling through our differences and “strange” approaches to life (“strangeness” is, after all, “in the eye of the beholder”). Puzzling through and affirming ALL the “germs of truth” of which-ever ideology/belief system that drew us, originally, to any of the myriad notions we have allowed into our hearts, or at least through our armors.

In the context of our colonization (i say we are ALL systematically colonized in the “Normal” world, from “child”-hood, to nuclearized families, to schools dumbing us down, etc.) our intuitive, collective search for meaningful life and community is a key sanity that is usually co-opted and rendered relatively watered-down by people (“elites”, leaders, “experts”) we’ve been taught to uncritically trust. They have a whole belief system about why we HAVE TO BE kept from truly meaningful and liberating community-making, and then put up with the superficial, exhausting so-called “social reality” “thriving” everywhere around us.

Finally, wetopia is an imperfect theory inviting input from all whom’ve grown sick and tired of Same Old Again, Left, Right, and “Center”. The same old lies and out-of-context hyping prevalent in the entire neocolonial project (at home and abroad). And we “fool” (?) thinquers (heh) look for and find “common humanities” across all artificially imposed and actual barriers.

Most notably, wetopian theory doesn’t shy away from the toughest challenges and challengers. A “post-neocolonial”, unsettling approach (2) towards making and maintaining bridge-ish communications, and in quality time, depth connection and solidarity. No matter what! —While not allowing ourselves to have our hearts trampled by the routinely out-of-balanced “types”, including other distrusting survivors (of society abuse, et al).

And yet conflict.

Conflict is “looked behind”, it is embraced (a symptom!), and re-imagined. It is challenged via such methods as “mutual enrichuals” and cultural ceremonial-iNg, and other creative ways to “re-boot” domains (i.e. the media) which SHOULD HAVE had our backs, but, secretly, were never really supposed to. At least when it “began to really count”.

For example, imagine TV soap-operas oriented to DEEP social difficulties, say like a TV family of IWW unionists. Or anything else, you, in your HEART would rather be watching than the same old consumption of mostly empty “entertainment”; sure, there’s alleged value in “zoning out” on hollow TV shows and media circuses, but i think this approach is more of a symptom of powerlessness feeling than something organic. Of course, dissent is welcome!

The basic angle? Allowing dissenters and other challengers to optimumly explore their beliefs fully via the DIVERSELY CREATIVE MEANS of media fantasy realism! Something on par with the infamous anti-psychiatrist, R.D.Laing’s approach to dealing with so-called “schizophrenics”. With radical empaths in the lead, assisting and supporting the storyteller dissenter(s) towards optimal explorations of their social or anti-social desires! Imagine bridge-iNg with “rebellious” teens, “criminals”, and even dyed-in-the-wool haters of whatever stripe. What “germ of truth” or even excellence do they have to share???

No “pie-in-the-sky” future idea to work on in the abstract, but, i think, something we can put together rite now here in THE POWER OF NOW!!!!

1) See “Critical self-theory” by Jason McQuinn, page 35, Modern Slavery, #3 for a close look at the values of escaping ideology and exploring self-theory!

2) Our unsettling ways are derived from and respecting the intense challenges posited by world Indigenous folks seeking liberation from colonialism and “post-colonialism”. I.e. see unsettlingamerica.wordpress.com